A next-generation water resource and sediment management tool

Water resource and sediment management with HYPOS

The HYdro-POwer-Suite (HYPOS) leads the next generation of water resources and sediment management tools. It transforms satellite-based water quality and sediment related parameters into business relevant tools for the hydropower industry, enabling effective environmental and economic investment planning. This online tool for the hydropower industry combines Earth Observation (EO) technologies with hydrologic modelling and can be complemented by local on-site information.

The HYPOS solution is right for you if you would like an easy access to data and assessments that are essential for planning and monitoring. HYPOS can offer for example inflow/outflow volumes, sediment management (e.g. flushing or dredging) evaluation, near real-time monitoring of sediment management activities (e.g. downstream sediment concentrations), evaporation rates, bank and bed erosion, phytoplankton and higher aquatic vegetation development, all presented in ready-to-use formats to provide support for environmental evaluation, reporting and impact assessments.

Dating back to the early 1980s various spatial and temporal resolutions can be obtained from EO. For water bodies at least 30 m wide, these values can be derived at 10-30 m grids every 3 to 5 days. Daily coverage is possible for larger water bodies with coarser resolution or by using commercial satellite data, that also provides higher resolutions up to 2m and can be tasked for specific events. Hydrological models can provide data at daily resolution for historical period up to today and even forecasting future conditions if desired.

The combination of state-of-the art satellite and hydrological data provided by the HYPOS in a ready-to-use format enables us to support our customers with the most advanced cutting-edge technology in planning and managing both small and large hydropower projects.

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Where did HYPOS come from?

HYPOS was developed by a consortium of companies who received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 870504.

The consortium partners are : 

Indeed several of the partners including Stucky were recognized as a "Key Innovator" by the European Commission innovation radar, see the news article here.

More information about the project and the Decision Support Tool

HYPOS survey

Understanding the sectors challenges is the key for targeted solutions

HYPOS suite is designed to address key challenges of the hydropower sector together with selected actors. However, further continuous improvements through additional user interactions will allow refinement and development of targeted solutions for all hydropower sector outside the current case studies. Thus, if you are working in the sector and would like to contribute, please fill out our dedicated online questionnaire – it should take 10 minutes at most. If you choose so, you will also have an opportunity to become a part of the HYPOS community and receive the latest information about the suite. Upon submission of the questionnaire you will also receive a free sample of a high resolution satellite-based turbidity map for your area of interest (depending of reservoir size and data availability).

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