Three Point

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Dübendorf is home to the "Hochbord" quarter, which has been transformed from agricultural use into a popular residential and commercial district.

The "Three Point" project, three impressive residential towers that captivate with their modern and timeless architecture, was realized. In addition, the towers, which are over one hundred meters high, offer a fascinating view of the local recreation area.

The towers are 102, 111 and 113 meters high and provide space for a total of 445 apartments. The tallest building has 38 floors. There is also a public park with a pavilion and restaurant. The roof terrace of the middle tower is also public.

Optimal public transport connections are provided by the Stettbach train station, which is within walking distance.

The sports hall was planned as a free-standing building. It complements the school complex, which is located in the bases of the high-rise buildings. It is integrated into the park in an extremely inconspicuous way, is half building, half landscape. The roof can be walked on.


Our services:

> Fire protection concept
> Evacuation concept
> Fire control concept
> Fire control matrix
> Plans of fire-controlled objects
> Integral tests
> Basic script
> Fire emergency planning
> Fire protection concept for the construction site
> Requirements specification for safety officer (construction site)

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Building Contractor
  • Miteigentümergemeinschaft "Hochbord" vertreten durch: Hochbord Immobilien AG
  • ADT INNOVA Construction AG
  • ARGE Wachtl / Maier Hess & ADT INNOVA Architektur und Planungs AG
Processing period
  • 2019 - 2024
  • Fire control systems
  • Fire safety planning
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