Renovation Baslerstrasse Allschwil

Baslerstrasse Allschwil connects the village center of the agglomeration municipality of Allschwil with the city of Basel. The road leads through densely populated areas, has a high traffic load and the streetcar line 6 (double track) runs in the middle of the road in mixed traffic. Over a length of almost 1.8km, the entire road, utility and railroad infrastructure is to be completely renewed. The public space between the private parcels will be reorganized (streetcar, motorized individual traffic, bicycle traffic, pedestrian traffic, parking facilities, greening and design) and uniformly designed. The most significant structural elements are:

  • New track system with fixed guideway
  • New catenary system with catenary masts or guy wires on buildings
  • New public lighting by means of cable suspension lights
  • 5 BehiG-compliant streetcar stops (10 stopping edges), designed as cape or island stops
  • 2 BehiG compliant bus stops (4 stopping edges)
  • New stop infrastructure and furniture
  • New bicycle parking facilities
  • Complete replacement of the road and sidewalk area (superstructure including foundation)
  • Extensive renewal of utility lines for various plant owners
  • New traffic circle with streetcar safety light signal system

The construction and traffic phase planning in the narrow, heavily trafficked construction perimeter was considered in great detail. For the track construction work, a streetcar closure with bus replacement in intensive construction phases is planned for the summer months. During this time and during the major road construction work, an overriding detour concept is planned for motorized traffic. The construction will be carried out in 3 stages in the years 2018 -2020.

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