Platform elevation at Brunnen and Schwyz stations

Barrier-free access

All of the infrastructure in Switzerland must be accessible to people with disabilities by 2024. This is the intention of the Disability Discrimination Act (BehiG). For SBB, this means that platforms must be raised and additional underpasses, ramps or lifts must be installed at its train stations including the ones in Brunnen and Schwyz.

At the center of the reconstruction of the two train stations is the elevation of the platforms. These need to be raised to P55 (platform edge 55 cm above top of rail) compared to the current level. Together with the suitable rolling stock, this will ensure that no steps need to be taken when getting on board. People with reduced mobility can board and exit trains on the new platforms without assistance.
Raising the platforms entails a series of additional works: existing stairs and ramps must be extended as they have to overcome the additional height, parapets must be raised and a drainage system must be installed in the platforms, as the platforms may no longer be drained into the tracks according to current guidelines. In addition, the construction of a new ramp is planned at both stations.

Construction work as part of the BehiG reconstruction is often used to implement further structural measures. At Schwyz train station, a track drainage system is being installed, new line crossings under the tracks are being created by pipe jacking, adjustments to signals and catenary masts require special civil engineering foundations and a replacement of the superstructure of tracks 2 and 3 as well as the installation of a formation protection layer is planned.
The conversion of the two train stations will take place during operation. Work on the tracks will be carried out during night-time closures. Train traffic must not be interrupted on this important route. The central platforms are therefore isolated construction sites. These constraints pose a particular challenge for everyone involved in terms of safety and logistics.

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