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3D laser scanning services

Gruner harnesses the power of 3D laser scanning, a cutting-edge surveying method that significantly enhances our capabilities across a wide range of routine and specialized tasks. Through high-density measurements and rapid surface "scanning" from ground or aerial perspectives, this technology provides precise and comprehensive data faster than traditional methods.

Our 3D laser scanning services include:

3D As-Built Documentation: We create detailed 3D models of existing structures or sites, which are essential for renovation projects, historical preservation, and extension works. These models provide a precise base for planning and design, ensuring all new developments are perfectly integrated with the existing conditions. Excavation

Progress Monitoring and Control: By regularly scanning excavation sites, Gruner accurately tracks progress and ensures that the excavation adheres strictly to the planned specifications. This monitoring aids in preventing structural issues and maintaining project schedules.

Volume Difference Calculation: Our technology enables precise measurement of volumes, which is crucial for material estimates, conflict resolution, and project billing. Whether it's calculating the amount of soil removed from a site or the material needed for backfill, 3D laser scanning provides quick and accurate results.

Gruner's 3D laser scanning service not only increases efficiency and accuracy but also minimizes the need for physical presence on site, enhancing safety and reducing disruption to ongoing operations. This technology empowers our clients with the data needed to make informed decisions, manage resources effectively, and maintain control over their projects from conception through completion.


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