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Südpark, Basel

Integral energy and com­fort design

State-of-the art building technology systems and a building environmental control strategy employing the latest simulation technology are resulting in an overall system that is energy-optimized and affords the highest standards of environmental comfort.

Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) is purchasing service space at the southern end of the new Südpark building in the Gundeli district of Basel. Herzog & de Meuron of Basel are the architects responsible for the Südpark development. BKB's rented premises were designed by Burckhardt+Partner AG of Basel. The office space follows a predominantly open space layout. Traders will work on the 4th floor while the two computer centers are located on basement level 3. Gruner Gruneko AG designed the HVAC systems for BKB's tenant fit-out in conjunction with Tebit Haustechnik AG. Gruner Ltd also carried out simulations to secure planning options for a suitable air-conditioning system, specifically taking account of external insolation and the high levels of heat generated in the trading area. As a consequence, customized systems were designed that provide a high degree of workplace comfort and ensure that the computer centers can operate reliably and energy-efficiently.