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Halle Saale

Re­no­vation of the District Heating Line

Line 11.11 is a main supply line in the district heating system of the city of Halle (Saale). It was installed in the area concerned as a socket pipeline in 1968. Adjoining canal-based sections were already replaced with pre-insulated polymer pipes in the 1990s. Due to inundation caused by flood events and because the line has already reached its service life, a complete replacement of the socket pipeline section is necessary.

The section of the line that is to be renovated is located in the outskirts of the Dölauer Heide, a designated nature reserve. Gruner GmbH was commissioned with the planning and construction supervision for the new installation of a DN 400 pre-insulated polymer pipe. The 1st construction phase was concluded in 2016.

Client: Energieversorgung Halle GmbH/ Netzhalle GmbH


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