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Access roads from Schlieren to Europabrücke

(Grünau, all con­struc­tion phases)

Repairs/conversion/renovation 1.5 km N1.1.1, reconstruction/renovation of Schlieren and Europabrücke junctions, conversion to 6 lanes without a breakdown lane within the city area, with a breakdown lane after the city limits, integration/reconstruction of 0.9 km noise barrier, widening of Europabrücke to 5 lanes (coupling of twin bridges), repair of various underpasses, redevelopment of Bernerstrasse North into a one-way artery, conversion of Bernerstrasse South, integration of noise barrier along motorway (separate casting method), highway upgrading/redesign (greened middle strip and lighting); procedures to maintain engineering structures, redevelopment of the Bernerstrasse underpass, renovation of underpasses (similar to cut-and-cover tunneling), drainage, road drainage water treatment facilities, integrated climate systems, signage systems, safety installations, reconstruction of Schlieren junction and alterations to the Europabrücke, traffic route construction and reinforcement, redimensioning to a 6-lane motorway, integrated traffic planning along the entire perimeter.


Construction work with traffic
The 10-lane section is to be fully converted to a 9-lane stretch with middle strip and noise protection barrier while traffic is flowing. A sophisticated traffic management concept was developed incorporating early implementation measures along similar lines to the traffic concept deployed in a neighboring project (renovation of SN 1.4.1, completion 2011, project and site supervision Gruner + Wepf AG, Zurich).


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