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Spatial planning
An eye for the big picture

Site development

  • Special use planning
  • Master plans
  • Development concepts
  • Utilization concepts
  • Potentatial studies
  • Object analyses
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Local planning

Local planning

  • Zoning plans and building regulations
  • Development concepts
  • Water spaces
  • Protection zone plans
  • Municipal structure plans

Client consulting and participation

  • Project competitions and study commissions
  • Workshop procedures
  • Participation
  • Planning agreements
  • Infrastructure contracts
  • Communication concepts
  • Work aids and guidelines


  • Traffic engineering reports
  • Traffic and development concepts
  • Street space and square designs
  • Parking concepts and proofs
  • Bus concepts / bus route test operations
  • Traffic and noise measurements
  • Traffic direction plans


  • Feasibility studies
  • Remediation strategies
  • risk assessment
  • Sustainability monitoring
  • Condition analysis/object rating
  • Certifications

Inventory of historical traffic routes (IVS)

  • Grant applications
  • Monitoring and consulting of rehabilitation projects

Your contact person

Judith Rütsche
Head of Department Urban, Mobility and Sustainability
+41 31 544 24 80 |

Gruner Schweiz AG
Industriestrasse 1
CH-3052 Zollikofen

Hans Schweri
Deputy Head and Expert of the department Space, Mobility and Sustainability
+41 31 544 24 59 |

Gruner Schweiz AG
Industriestrasse 1
CH-3052 Zollikofen

Anne-Lene Mage
Project manager
+41 31 544 24 42 |

Gruner Schweiz AG
Industriestrasse 1
CH-3052 Zollikofen


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