The Gruner site in Aarau is a central point of contact for outstanding engineering services and planning expertise in the dynamic region. Here, technical expertise and local ties merge into a powerful entity. The location is characterized by its close cooperation with neighboring sites in Brugg and Zurich.

Gruner in Aarau places a special emphasis on regional projects that have a positive impact on the surrounding community. Close cooperation with other Gruner sites allows the company to make the most of its combined expertise, resources and innovative ideas to deliver projects of high quality and relevance.

Aarau serves as an important interface that combines local know-how with the broad range of services offered by Gruner. The close cooperation between the various locations underscores Gruner's strength in providing first-class services for regional projects. The Aarau site stands not only for technical brilliance, but also for local commitment and sustainable development that sustainably shape and enrich the region.




Railway construction, BIM projects, Bridge construction, Municipal engineering, District heating, municipal civil engineering, Noise barriers, Road construction, Special civil engineering

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