Gruner's Brugg site is a central hub for first-class engineering services and planning expertise in the heart of Aargau. The historic journey began in 1940 when Heinzelmann AG was founded, which became part of the Gruner Group in 1988. From Brugg, close cooperation unfolds with the neighbouring location in Zurich.

Gruner in Brugg has a clear focus on regional infrastructure projects that improve the daily lives of people in Aargau. Intensive cooperation with all Gruner competence centres enables efficient use of expertise, resources and innovative ideas to realise projects of the highest quality and relevance.

The Brugg site acts as a strategic hub that, thanks to local expertise, offers innovative solutions for a wide range of infrastructure projects, whether in road construction, railway construction, bridge building, municipal civil engineering or in the implementation of BIM projects.

Thanks to technical expertise and regional roots, Gruner actively contributes to the realisation of projects that noticeably improve the quality of life in Aargau.








Railway construction, BIM projects, Bridge construction, Municipal engineering, District heating, municipal civil engineering, Noise barriers, Road construction, Special civil engineering

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