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The establishment of the branch in Lucerne in 2021 represents a significant step towards creating a second foothold in central Switzerland. This location opens up new opportunities and increased presence in the region for Gruner. The team in Lucerne focuses on Central Switzerland and offers a wide range of services in the areas of building construction and infrastructure, while maintaining close cooperation with the location in Zug. This cooperation strengthens synergies and helps to offer a wide range of services that meet the needs of the region.

Gruner is using the establishment of the branch in Lucerne to deepen its connection to Central Switzerland and to offer its customers in this region tailor-made solutions. The strategic positioning enables efficient cooperation with local players and opens up space for innovative projects in building construction and infrastructure.

Lucerne creates a platform for innovation and collaboration and helps to shape architectural and infrastructural development in this region.






Civil engineering, Road construction, Hydraulic engineering, Urban water management, Realisation and maintenance of infrastructure, Infrastructure construction, Engineering structures

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