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Today's Gruner AG in Zurich is the result of the merger of the former Gruner Gruneko AG, which moved from Dübendorf to Zurich, and the Zurich branch of Gruner Generalplanung AG. Today, a wide range of building construction projects are realised in Zurich, with a strong focus on fire protection measures. In addition, significant infrastructure projects are successfully implemented in various disciplines such as road, railway and bridge construction, civil engineering and district heating.

Gruner in Zurich uses its many years of experience and technical expertise to offer innovative and sustainable solutions in the construction industry. The close cooperation between the former parts of the company as well as the competence centres of the entire group of companies illustrates the power of synergies and makes it possible to manage a wide range of projects and offer services.

Every day, the teams in Zurich demonstrate how diverse construction projects can shape the urban environment and have a lasting impact on the quality of life and infrastructure provision in the region through good cooperation with local partners.








Railway construction, Road construction, Bridge construction, Urban and municipal civil engineering, Municipal engineering, District heating/district cooling, Special civil engineering, Fire protection, Building physics

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