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The Martigny site plays a central role as the starting point for outstanding infrastructure and energy projects. From here, there is close cooperation with the Renens site to turn the visions of Gruner Stucky into reality. The focus is on infrastructure and energy projects that drive local and national development. At the same time, international projects are also successfully handled.

The team in Martigny uses its technical expertise and many years of experience to optimise the region's infrastructure and energy supply. The cooperation with the site in Renens strengthens synergies and enables projects to be implemented even more efficiently. The versatility of the site is reflected in the range of projects handled. From regional improvements to major national and international projects, Gruner Stucky demonstrates how it uses its technical expertise to shape the world in a sustainable way.

In summary, the Martigny site illustrates how dedicated professionals are able to make a positive impact both locally and globally. The cooperation with Renens increases the ability to act and contributes to Gruner Stucky's ability to successfully meet various challenges.






Railway construction, Construction de ponts, Spatial Planning, Traffic, Mobility, Hydraulic engineering, Heating/cooling networks

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