History of a successful brand

Swiss pioneers in business and technology

Gruner combines over 150 years of knowledge and experience from consulting and planning activities. We are specialists for building services engineering and energy plants, general planning, construction, infrastructure, environment and safety, and hydroelectric power plants. Throughout our history, we have helped shape Switzerland through our involvement in numerous important buildings. With strategic company acquisitions we have successively broadened our service portfolio.

Already in 1947 Eduard Gruner wrote in his technical essay

«Journey through the Gotthard Base Tunnel in 2000»

the idea: He explains the approximately 50 kilometer long
Gotthard Base Tunnel from Amsteg to Biasca with one station at Sedrun, which was opened in June 2016.

He was the first to have this visionary idea.

1862 by Carl Heinrich Gruner

1862 Carl Heinrich Gruner founded Gruner in Basel. This marks the beginning of Gruner's history and a successful business activity with a focus on water supply in Basel.

Today, Gruner is one of the leading engineering service companies offering its services in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide.

  • 2011


  • 2009

    Ultra-Brag AG, Basel

  • 2009

    Futuro Liestal

  • 2007/2011

    Actelion Ltd, Allschwil

  • 2002-2004

    Rhine bridge Laufenburg

  • 1996-2004

    Chienberg tunnel, Sissach

  • 1996

    Exhibition Center Basel

  • 1995-1999

    Central station parking

  • 1994-2010

    Gotthard base tunnel nord

  • 1994

    Northern bypass Basel

  • 1990-2002

    Cantonal hospital Liestal

  • 1990-1994

    ARA Sissach

  • 1990

    Power Station Pradella

  • 1988-1989

    Central heating system Basel

  • 1988


  • 1988

    Geothermal systems Riehen

  • 1982

    Laboratory building at Abu Dhabi

  • 1978-1980

    Cement plant Al Ain

  • 1976

    Bank for international clearance

  • 1967-1969

    KVA Basel

  • 1964

    Ciba high rise building

  • 1954

    Konar Dam, India

  • 1952

    Assuan damm

  • 1949-1969


  • 1933/2009

    Rhin power station Albbruck-Dogern

  • 1920

    Montsalvens arch dam