Open bored pile wall and nail walls Migros Breitenrain Bern

Excavation pits

In the middle of the Breitenrain quarter, on a 4000 m² plot, Migros Aare is realizing a site development with five floors above and three floors below ground level. In its final state, the open pile wall takes over the foundation of the exterior walls and serves as a support for the basement ceilings. The excavation reached a maximum depth of 14 m. The area of the closures to be secured was 3000 m².

The numerous infrastructure facilities in the adjacent parcels and the predicted different geological conditions led to the application of a whole range of excavation closure systems. In the area of the first basement level, an advance excavation with 3.0m high nail walls was constructed. From the level of the second basement level, the dissolved bored pile wall was subsequently constructed. In the head area of the bored piles, a ledger was concreted as a support for the second basement floor. The bored piles were tied back into the compact molasse with two anchor layers. The bored pile walls remain partially visible as exterior walls in the parking garage.

In the excavation area of the stable molasse, the rock was nailed and sprayed over. The abtalosized shotcrete surface allowed single-sided forming of the exterior walls. The construction of the vertical walls with tolerances of ±2.0 cm demanded the highest precision work from the contractors.



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Building Contractor
  • Genossenschaft Migros Aare
Processing period
  • 2017 - Today
  • Roads
  • Traffic engineering


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