Rehabilitation tunnel Belchen Inert material landfill Fasiwald

The rehabilitation of the Belchen tunnel between Eptingen (BL) and Hägendorf (SO) on the A2 national road was a complex construction project that affected a large number of environmental areas. For the excavated material, an inert material landfill was operated in the project perimeter in order to minimize transports and thus the impact on air pollution control.

During the regular UBB inspections, the implementation of the official requirements from the approval process of the construction project regarding the following environmental areas was checked and implemented, the contractor and the construction management were advised if necessary, and all measures were documented in detail:

> Air pollution control

> Water pollution control

> Soil protection and archaeology

> Nature conservation and landscape

> Noise protection and vibrations

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  • UVEK; Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA, Filiale Zofingen
  • Environmental construction supervision


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