St. Gallen West – St. Gallen East urban freeway


After approx. 30 years in service, the 10 km-long section of the N1 urban freeway between St. Gallen West and St. Gallen East, with its four interchanges (Winkeln, Kreuzbleiche, St. Fiden and Neudorf), is now due for rehabilitation. The overall project also embraces some 150 individual structures and facilities, including four freeway interchanges, numerous bridges, underpasses, overpasses, retaining walls and noise barriers. To ensure the continued safe operation of the freeway section, it will undergo comprehensive refurbishment to bring it into line with current requirements. In addition to rehabilitation of the pavement, the operating and safety systems, and the individual freeway structures, the program also includes noise remediation measures.

The main works are scheduled to commence in mid-2019 and will last for around four years. However, the implementation of a number of urgently needed measures started in spring 2015. The main works on the above-ground freeway areas will be performed during the daytime and partly at night. The temporary traffic routing system operated during the works will provide for at least four lanes.

The INGE TKG (highway, engineering structures and geotechnics consortium) is led by Gruner from our office in St. Gallen.

Gruner's services cover: Design (maintenance concept, concept and design for works), tendering procedure, production information and site supervision up to and including operational start.

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