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The formal starting signal for the high-rise construction was given with the laying of the foundation stone on October 30, 2015. This late date after one year of construction activity was based, among other things, on the demanding energy concept. First, for example, the earth probe drillings for the geothermal system had to be completed at a depth of 250 meters below the floor slab.
Other technical highlights of the building will also include CO2 and propane heat and cold pumps as well as a photovoltaic system integrated into the facade.

Gruner Gruneko AG is involved in the project for the future-oriented building technology for the trades heating/cooling, ventilation, plumbing, MSR and technical coordination. The earth probe field was developed together with Gruner Böhringer AG. The basis for the simulation of the long-term behavior of the borehole heat exchanger field was a dynamic building simulation by Gruner Roschi AG.

The novelty: Gruner was the first company in Europe to successfully couple the building simulation with the simulation of the probe field, taking into account the plant efficiencies. This enabled planning reliability in the form of a holistic energy simulation.

In the planning process, digital construction and the associated Building Information Modeling, or BIM for short, are already part of everyday life at Gruner Gruneko AG. The project was built as a data model and the information was described in the model. The efficiency of the planning process from the concept to the 3-D planning in the model was significantly increased by the first implementations with BIM.

- Upper floors 22
- Building height 78 m
- Usable floor space 17,000 m2

After four years of construction, the 78-meter-high Grosspeter Tower was officially opened at the end of June 2017.



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