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Akköy ll

Giresun, Turkey

Hydraulic improvement design

Water is channelled from the Yaşmaklı dam to a surge tank via a 4,002 m long tunnel (diameter 3.20 m), and from there to Akköy II 237 MW hydroelectric power plant, via a 3,424 m long penstock (diameter 2.70 m).
The net height of drop in the penstock is 1,224 m. The power plant operates with two Pelton type turbines.
Kolin Inc. is the contractor and main partner of Akköy Energy, owning 97 percent of this Build Operate project.
Akköy II HEPP Project ranks first in Turkey and fourth in the world with its 1,220 m clear drop height.


The project consists of:
A steel penstock, one of a kind in Turkey, with an extremely high head of 1200 mWc and a length above ground of 3020 m., between elevations 1566 m. down to 585 m.
A 200 m. high vertical shaft down to 385 m., followed by an almost horizontal 250 m. long tunnel to the powerhouse. Two manifold sections of approx. 70 m. connect this sub-horizontal part and the powerhouse. The diameters before and after the manifold are respectively 2.70 m and 1.90 m.
The Client requested engineering services and especially technical assistance for the realization of the steel penstock.