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The headquarters at the Basel site is not only a central hub for the company, but also the place where Gruner's exciting journey began. As the place where the company was founded in 1862, this location carries special significance and symbolizes the deep roots in the region.

These deep roots in the Basel region create a fertile environment for sustainable partnerships and local collaboration. Proximity to local partners and companies promotes the exchange of knowledge and ideas, which in turn helps to strengthen Gruner's innovative power.

Bridging the gap between tradition and innovation is also reflected in Gruner's corporate philosophy, which builds on a strong foundation of experience and regional as well as national ties, while continuously seeking new directions.

The headquarters in Basel serves not only as a workplace, but also as a place of dialogue and encounter. Not only employees, but also customers, partners and interested parties meet here to work together on projects and find solutions to the challenges of today's world.








Building construction management, Building services design, Environment, Fire saftey, Geotechnical engineering, Infrastructure engineering, Safety, Security, Spatial Planning, Structural design

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Buildings & Infrastructure

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