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The Zollikofen location plays a decisive role in expanding the market presence in the Bern area. This was achieved through the acquisition of Basler & Hofmann Holding AG and Basler & Hofmann West AG, both based in Zollikofen. With the additional integration of Zeltner Ingenieure AG, the presence was significantly expanded. Today, building construction and infrastructure projects are planned, executed and successfully realised from this location.

Gruner in Zollikofen uses the acquired expertise to offer innovative and sustainable solutions in the planning of construction projects. The combination of the strengths of both companies makes it possible to manage a wide range of projects and to positively shape the urban and infrastructural environment of the Bern region.

The team in Zollikofen impressively demonstrates how strategic acquisitions can expand a company's capabilities and range of services. Close cooperation and the exchange of knowledge between the teams of experts result in high-quality construction projects in building construction and infrastructure that, on the one hand, leave a lasting mark on the Bern area and, on the other hand, continuously develop the company.








Urban and municipal civil engineering, Hydraulic engineering, Environment and natural hazards, Space, Mobility and sustainability, Maintenance management and engineering

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