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The significance of infrastructure is often only recognized when it is absent, inadequate or environmentally damaging. Together with the necessary energy infrastructure, an efficient, sustainable transport system forms the backbone of every modern economy. Increasing mobility, impending gridlock, urbanization, growing environmental pollution and resource shortages are challenges that need to be overcome.

Switzerland's well-developed infrastructure is one of the reasons for its strong reputation. All the same, there is still a need for action, particularly in terms of maintenance and sustainable development of our infrastructure. Gruner has made and continues to make significant contributions in this area and is committed to providing expert support in the implementation and the supervision of all projects that are entrusted to us.

Every infrastructure project has unique attributes which have to be integrated at the design phase. For Gruner, the infrastructure sector offers the ideal opportunity opportunity to demonstrate our interdisciplinary strengths combined with our innovative approach. We routinely integrate the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) at the design stage of our projects as well as the use of digital twins in our projects which enable us to provide our clients with a visualization and analysis of their digital infrastructure assets across their entire life cycle.

We deliver sustainable solutions and future-proof facilities that provide reliable mobility while guaranteeing efficient spatial management. Our Clients benefit from expert advice and support in the development and implementation of large- and small-scale infrastructure projects, at local, regional, national and international level, for public and private transport facilities as well as for the supply of electricity, water, district heating and cooling, and gas.

United under a single roof, Gruner's generalists and specialists combined expertise can provide start-to-finish services for complex rail, bridge, road, underground, hydraulic and other civil engineering projects. For more info on core competencies and specializations please consult the links below.



Environmental planning



Hydraulic engineering

Municipal engineering

Natural hazards

Noise control, vibration control


Railway construction


Spatial planning


Underground engineering

Urban and municipal engineering

With regards to the different stages of any project with an installation mentioned above, we provide the following infrastructure services :

Strategic planning

  • Expert reports on transport planning and traffic management
  • Transport network studies / strategies
  • Client support
  • Traffic flow control concepts
  • Macroscopic traffic modelling
  • Viability studies
  • Public transport network planning
  • Maintenance planning
  • Multiyear planning
  • Project generation

Preliminary studies

  • Viability studies and life-cycle assessments
  • Fitness-for-purpose assessments
  • Microscopic traffic flow simulations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Traffic surveys
  • Fitness-for-purpose studies
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Macroscopic traffic modelling
  • Access concepts
  • Operational mobility concepts
  • Transport engineer mandates
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Proportionality assessments
  • Cost estimates
  • Competitions
  • Expert opinions, inspection mandates
  • Rehabilitation concepts
  • Modelling

Design engineering and project development

  • Parking space planning
  • Road safety audits (RSA) / road safety inspections (RSI)
  • Expert reports on transport issues
  • Microscopic traffic flow simulations (public / private transport and pedestrians)
  • Overall project management
  • Management of project teams / engineering consortia
  • Concept / general design
  • Main design / plans for public display
  • Safety certification for station platforms
  • Traffic diversion concepts
  • Transport engineer mandates
  • Traffic surveys / monitoring
  • Condition surveys / reports
  • Design development for all types
  • of infrastructure
  • Dimensioning
  • Expert opinions, inspection
  • mandates
  • Rehabilitation concepts
  • Modelling
  • Monitoring concepts


  • Tendering concepts
  • Preparation of tender documents and dossiers
  • Tender evaluation for client
  • Procurement assistance
  • Support in negotiations with contractors
  • Reviews
  • Co-advisory services


  • Detailed structural design
  • Engineering verification services
  • Site supervision
  • Senior site management
  • Preparation of production drawings and documents
  • Client support
  • Expert opinions, inspection mandates
  • Monitoring

Commissioning & operations

  • Condition surveys for facilities
  • Maintenance management systems
  • Life-cycle concepts
  • Development of management systems for facilities
  • Dam monitoring
  • Demolition / deconstruction concepts
  • Traffic safety studies
  • Black spot management and road safety inspections
  • Road safety for schoolchildren
  • Client consulting
  • Expert opinions
  • Inspections

Your contact person

Michael Bont
Head of Infrastructure Basel, Environment
+41 61 317 63 41

Gruner AG
St. Jakobs-Strasse 199
CH-4020 Basel

Markus Doessegger
Head of Infrastructure Zurich, Brugg
+41 56 460 69 20

Gruner AG
Altenburgerstrasse 4
CH-5200 Brugg

Jean-François Wavre
Head of Infrastructure Western Switzerland
+41 21 637 15 28

Stucky AG
Rue du Lac 33
CH-1020 Renens VD 1

Thomas Wahl
Head of Infrastructure Leipzig
+49 341 21 72 664

Gruner Deutschland GmbH
Dufourstrasse 28
D-04107 Leipzig

Roger Schaub
Head of Infrastructure Oberwil
+41 61 406 13 05

Gruner Böhringer AG
Mühlegasse 10
CH-4104 Oberwil

Christian Epper
Head of Infrastructure Eastern Switzerland
+41 71 394 00 16

Gruner Wepf AG, St. Gallen
Oberstrasse 153
CH-9000 St. Gallen

Juri Schuler
Head of Infrastructure Central Switzerland
+41 41 748 21 07

Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG
Chamerstrasse 170
CH-6300 Zug

Reto Hagger
Member of the Executive Committee, Head of Business Area Infrastructure
+41 43 299 74 83

Gruner Wepf AG, Zürich
Thurgauerstrasse 80
CH-8050 Zürich


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