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Hydropower and Sediment Management from Space Webinar N°2 Diving deeper: Validating data and exploring the benefits.

How accurate are satellite-derived water quality data? And how do they benefit hydropower managers and dam designers aiming for smart monitoring and sediment release? Following a first preview in December 2021, we dive deeper into the new HYPOS portal - a toolbox for space-based information on reservoirs and river environments – on 31st March 2022.

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Your key takeaways:

  • Get a brief intro to HYPOS.
  • Learn from data scientists, how satellite-derived water quality data and models have been validated in fieldwork campaigns in Switzerland, Georgia and Albania.
  • Dam engineering experts will showcase the opportunities HYPOS offers for both the development and operation phases, after tests in large European reservoirs.
  • See how HYPOS can help you to fill data gaps, optimize sediment release operations or visualize baselines and seasonal trends.

Get in touch with the HYPOS team during the Q&A session. Take the chance to get your requirements considered before the official launch at HYDRO ’22.