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Gruner is attending the 4th International I.S.Rivers Conference in Lyon, France this week

This fully bilingual international conference focuses on research and actions in the service of rivers, whether natural or heavily anthropised. It aims to foster a cross-fertilisation of approaches and a dialogue between all stakeholders.

We made several presentations at IS River which went very well and raised a lot of interest and questions.

Dr Marina Launay presented in the session "New Tools and Methods" the presentation: "HYPOS, an online decision support tool for sediment management in reservoirs" and Dr Stéphanie André presented in the session "Restoring in Urban Context" the presentation "Reopening of two rivers in gallery during the transformation of an industrial area" which is our project in group on the reopening of the Drize and the Aire in the project of Praille Acacias Vernets (PAV) in Geneva

The conference website is

Photo by Mitchell Henderson on Unsplash