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Stucky becomes Gruner

As of January 1st, 2022, Gruner and Stucky operate under the single Gruner brand. Stucky joined Gruner nine years ago.

The union in 2013 enabled Stucky to develop its market activities and benefit from Gruner's resources and know-how. As a result, Stucky is now one of the most important service providers in the fields of building construction, infrastructure and energy in western Switzerland. Internationally, the company is a world leader in the fields of dams, hydropower plants, energy and the environment.

Joining with Stucky has had long-lasting effects on Gruner as well, Stucky brought her unique experience, her anchoring in French-speaking Switzerland, her reputation, and her history, enabling Gruner to strengthen its position as a leading engineering and planning company in Switzerland.

The two companies have so far retained their respective names. As of January 1st, 2022, Gruner and Stucky operate under the uniform Gruner brand. Therefore, the legal name of the previous Stucky Ltd will also change to Gruner Stucky Ltd.

The headquarters of Gruner Stucky Ltd in Renens has been moved at the same time to a new address in new, larger offices. These premises offer additional space for growth and an attractive working environment. The other locations in French speaking Switzerland and previous contact details remain unchanged. 

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