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With Gruner against radon

The natural, radioactive gas radon is odourless and invisible. As a decay product of uranium, it can also occur in high concentrations in the subsoil of buildings in our country. It can easily enter the house through leaks in the building shell. There it decays further and gets into the air we breathe and thus also into our lungs, which are directly exposed to radioactive radiation. Radon in living spaces is the most frequent cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Only a radon measurement can tell us whether a house is affected or not. A measurement is simple and affordable. Furthermore, radon-contaminated buildings can be remediated with simple structural measures. Since every house is individual, the radon fluxes in the building must be carefully analysed before a coordinated solution for radon remediation can be developed.

According to the measurement regulations, the recognised radon measurement with dosimeters must be carried out for at least three months during the heating season (from October to March). The radon measuring season is therefore approaching and it is time for you to think about a possible radon measurement.

Gruner is certified and recommended by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) for prevention, measurement, consulting and radon remediation.  For questions or initial advice, simply contact our radon expert Alexsandra Brendle (; tel. 043 299 74 66).