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Open day at the Spitallamm dam construction site

On Saturday 20.08.2022, KWO, the owner of the new Spitallamm dam construction site organized an open day. 3,000 people registered for the day, and so, many curious people had the opportunity to see the construction site up close. The construction site installations, machinery, cranes, concrete cooling, dam testing, joint sealing and ancillary structures were all subjects on which the visitors received information. A subterranean tour of the old and new dams was held. Gruner Stucky supported KWO with the presence of Alexandre Wohnlich and Eliott Odermatt, respectively project manager and project engineer for Spitallamm, who were there to answer the public’s numerous questions.

Thanks to the excellent organization of KWO and the large number of visitors, the day was a real success. We were able to take advantage of one of the rare opportunities to explain our trade and our work to the public.

The visitors had the opportunity to follow a path that led them through a gallery of the old dam, a rock gallery and then a gallery of the new dam. All along the way, various factual information was available on informative panels. In addition, several professionals from DLT, KWO and the engineering firms IUB and Gruner Stucky were on hand to answer the visitors' many questions.