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Gruner launches employee campaign in Western Switzerland

As of January 1, 2022, Gruner and Stucky are united under the Gruner brand. To bring the brand closer to the French-speaking population of Switzerland, Gruner is launching an advertising campaign featuring our employees as of October 2022.

A Gruner image campaign has been running in French-speaking Switzerland since October 2022. The campaign focuses on the engineering spirit of Gruner employees, which connects us all and encourages us to shape a sustainable world of tomorrow. We want to capture this unique spirit with employee portraits as part of the campaign and convey it to the outside world. After all, it is the employees with their individual engineering spirit who characterize Gruner and contribute to sustainable business success. The wide-ranging service portfolio in the background should not distract from the message and is therefore clearly separated from the model. Against the background of the union of Stucky and Gruner under the common name Gruner as of January 2022, we want to use this message to get closer to the population of French-speaking Switzerland and make our company more accessible.

The campaign can be seen online since the beginning of October and as of today in the train stations and on the streets of Fribourg, Lausanne and Martigny in French-speaking Switzerland.

Many thanks to all those involved in the project and especially to the Gruner employees in French-speaking Switzerland who volunteered as models for the campaign!