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We welcome our new colleagues

With the successful completion of the transaction at the end of January and the recent publication of the extract from the commercial register, we are definitively taking over Basler & Hofmann West AG with retroactive effect from January 1, 2021. The integration work is now in full swing: From mid-February, the new employees will operate under Gruner and the legal name Gruner Region Bern AG and will be introduced to our processes and systems. Reto Hagger, member of the Gruner Executive Committee, emphasizes, however, that "we are not integrating a company, but people". Accordingly, the new colleagues will be welcomed with many personal conversations and constant communication. Mario Flühmann, Head of Business Unit Building Services Bern at Gruner, personally welcomed the new colleagues in Zollikofen, who are not in their home offices. "We extend a warm welcome to the employees and will gently as well as quickly integrate and accompany them in their daily work," Flühmann said.

For more information, see our official press release (German).