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Gruner now has the BBB BGS seal of approval

Almost everywhere construction takes place, machinery moves the soil and subsoil. Soil, with its fertility and composition, forms a space for a variety of animals and plants. To ensure that this habitat is not permanently damaged by construction sites, the use of soil experts is crucial, because they advise construction experts so that they can proceed appropriately.

The Soil Science Society of Switzerland (BGS) is committed to the quality of soil science work. With this aim in mind, it has drawn up a set of regulations for awarding the title of "Soil Surveyor BGS" (BBB BGS) in cooperation with the cantonal soil protection authorities, construction experts and the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN. This now allows the qualifications of construction supervisors to be tested and recognized. The BGS publishes a list identifying all BBB BGS at regular intervals and also advocates that the soil protection agencies recommend the employment of a BBB BGS to applicants.

With Nadja Stammler (INBS) and Matthias Hunziker (INBS), Gruner has two BGS-recognized soil experts within our own ranks who possess these diverse qualifications and thus bear the officially recognized title "BBB BGS". Thanks to this achievement, Gruner will in the future be able to publish and use the official BBB BGS seal of quality as a label. This will improve the visibility of the certification of our soil experts.

​​​​​​​Further information on the BGS and the seal of approval can be found here:
(available in German and French only)