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Gruner strengthens its position in the energy sector

Gruner expands its energy services in Switzerland and neighboring countries. Georg Möller is the new head of the hydropower department in Zurich.

With the Hydropower Department at its site in Zurich, Gruner is strengthening its range of services in the energy sector. The head of the department is Georg Möller, who holds a doctorate in civil engineering and specializes in hydraulic engineering. Before joining Gruner in early March 2023, Georg Möller worked for several years as a project engineer and manager for ETH Zurich and for other planning companies. In his new role, he will further develop the energy business in German-speaking Switzerland and neighboring countries and complement the department with additional specialists.

Gruner can look back on many years of experience in the design of dams and hydropower plants. With the acquisition of Stucky SA in 2013, Gruner was able to significantly expand its knowledge and expertise both at home and abroad. Thanks to highly qualified specialists, we have comprehensive knowledge in the planning and monitoring of dams, hydrology, hydraulics, hydraulic steelwork, power plant control centers and energy transmission. Our other specialists in the fields of geotechnical engineering, underground construction, statics, environment, building services and electrical engineering complete the multidisciplinary teams of experts in each case.

Learn more about our department head Georg Möller in the following interview.

Gruner: Georg, you are an engineer specializing in hydraulic engineering. Your dream job?
Georg Möller: Definitely. I discovered the field for myself during my studies - and ended up being good at it (laughs). Basically, I've always liked being on the water. But in the mountains, it's something else again. There we have many unique facilities, for which individual solutions are created. And then there's the sheer size of it. The mixture of nature and technology fascinates me.

What appeals to you about Gruner as a company?
I like the fact that it is a traditional Swiss company that also has exceptional references in the field of dams. I'm looking forward to being an interface between a wide range of specialist areas and working in interdisciplinary teams. This is essential in hydropower; hydraulics alone is not enough. Specialists, for example, in underground construction, electrical engineering or building services are in demand - we have all of them in our company.

You have around 20 years of project experience. Which project do you remember most?
The first projects that come to mind are those of the Oberhasli power plant in the middle of the Grimsel world in the Bernese Oberland. I have already been involved there on various occasions.

It is precisely in times of crisis that the image of the engineer is booming. With their technical know-how, engineers are supposed to solve social problems and make the world a better place.
As engineers, we are natural scientists who believe in technology. We find a solution for everything. That's why we don't get knocked off our feet in a crisis. But we can't solve the problems on our own, it takes many other disciplines. Ultimately, it's intensive teamwork.