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100 years of collaboration, 10 years together

Ten years ago this Sunday, February 12, 2023, Stucky joined Gruner and opened up new opportunities for both companies in the Swiss and international markets. Their cooperation was already tried and tested at that time.

On February 12, 2013, the takeover of Stucky by the then Gruner Group took place in a ceremonial get-together (see photo above). The merger enabled Stucky, previously primarily active in the international hydropower business, to develop successfully in the areas of infrastructure, structural design and building services in western Switzerland and to expand the Belgrade office with nearshoring services. At the same time, Gruner benefited from Stucky's valuable know-how and international reputation in the hydropower and energy business. Under their historic names, they embarked on a joint growth process. On January 1, 2022, they set the final point: Gruner and Stucky merged into a single company under the joint name Gruner, further strengthening their position as a recognized engineering and planning company with comprehensive competencies in Switzerland and abroad. The motivation of the employees to work together with their engineering spirit for a sustainable built environment made its essential contribution to the successful teamwork.

However, the paths of Gruner and Stucky crossed a long time ago: Already more than 100 years ago, company founder Alfred Stucky and Heinrich Gruner worked together. Together, they planned and built the first arch dam in Europe at Lac de Montsalvens, which was completed in 1920. Alfred Stucky had suggested the curved shape and the calculation model. It is the first chapter of a history rich in tradition.

Photo: Stucky Chairman of the Board Miguel Stucky (center left) and former Gruner CEO Flavio Casanova (to the right) seal the takeover in front of the portrait with Alfred Stucky (Renens, February 12, 2013).

Social media series for the tenth anniversary
​​​​​​​To mark the anniversary, we are launching a series of posts on LinkedIn today, which in the coming weeks will look at projects, milestones and other special events of the last ten years since the merger. Follow us online to see what we have achieved together. Pay attention: at the end there will be a mini quiz with something to win!