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Mobility and Gruner intensify partnership

Thanks to a new contract with the car-sharing company Mobility, Gruner is making its vehicle fleet more flexible, reducing CO2 emissions and offering its collaborators attractive additional value.

With 3,000 vehicles and a quarter of a million customers, Mobility is the largest car-sharing provider in Switzerland. The cars can be found everywhere: A good 1,500 locations ensure a fine distribution and to short distances to the vehicles. Gruner is now joining Mobility in a joint, one-year pilot project. The Mobility vehicles can subsequently be used either for business or private purposes.

Overall, employees can use the service to avoid unnecessary journeys or combine them more with public transport in an ideal way. The possible use of Mobility for private journeys also makes it possible to reduce the overall CO2 emissions of Gruner and its employees.

With the jointly developed concept, Gruner is continuing its commitment to sustainable mobility. You can find out more about our sustainable mobility solutions here.

Photo: Mobility Cooperative