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Our fire protection services are now reinforced in French-speaking Switzerland

We are pleased to announce that our services in the field of fire protection are now reinforced in French-speaking Switzerland with the creation of a dedicated team in our Lausanne office led by Mr. Jérome Morel, head of the fire protection division.

For new building construction or indeed building conversions, we provide personalized advice in terms of fire protection plans and concepts; we can also accompany clients throughout the Quality Assurance process in order to meet the requirements of the AEAI (association of cantonal fire insurance companies).

Our services include the performance of building audits in order to determine the various solutions in terms of personal safety; we can also support you in all the steps necessary for event planning and management.

Our skills and abilities allow us to handle projects with a quality assurance level of 1 to 4.

Our services include the following:

  1. Realization of concepts for temporary events.
  2. Fire audits: on-site visit and drafting of an audit report with proposals for safety improvements.
  3. Planning of organizational fire protection measures
  4. Realization of the fire protection application dossier, including the concept and the fire protection plans as well as the documents necessary for the inquiry
  5. Acceptance of the work with the authorities and submission of the conformity application file
  6. Instruction to owners and operators / fire protection safety officers: operation, maintenance and upkeep of fire protection equipment
  7. Implementation of quality assurance in accordance with the AEAI guidelines
  8. Organization and execution of commissioning, partial and full tests, correction of defects and acceptance
  9. Monitoring and control of the execution of the various fire protection elements
  10. Advice and follow-up during the different phases of the project
  11. Contact with the fire department
  12. Planning, detail design and analysis of fire protection tenders

For more information and contact details please see our services pages