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buildingSMART Award Winner 2021 - Facility Management using openBIM

Our Open BIM lighthouse project, the Grosspeter Tower in Basel, was awarded first place in the Facility Management category at the BuildingSmart International Awards. The project was submitted with the title "Grosspeter Tower: Performance GAP Analysis with Simulation" together with Siemens.

The Grosspeter Tower, with uses consisting of offices and a hotel, was commissioned in 2017. The building services were planned by Gruner Gebäudetechnik Basel. Siemens' Desigo CC building management system was implemented for subsequent operation. The program allows the linking of the BIM model with the measurement data from the building automation, the data from the performance gap analysis as well as past values. The operator has easy and intuitive access to the actual, target and analysis data in the building at any time.


"A digital twin combines BIM model with measurement data".

A performance gap analysis was then carried out by collecting the annual operating data. The building climatology department of building services Bern updated the thermal-energetic building simulation model from the planning phase and developed it further into a simulation model for the state of execution. This update was a fundamental prerequisite for carrying out the Performance GAP, as only with this calculation basis was realistic reference data available for checking the operating data.

The comparison of operating data with the expected key figures from the simulation revealed in part considerable differences in energy consumption. By analyzing the measurement data and building automation of the plants, deficits could be identified and corrected or optimized. ​​​​​​​


"Performance gap analysis and insight into building measurement data gives the owner and operator maximum transparency and enables continuous operational optimization"

The analysis and controlling process was carried out in close cooperation with the client. The joint declared goal was that the operator would be able to continue the operational optimization independently within two to three years with the support of Gruner building services Basel/Bern. The goal was jointly achieved in the summer of 2021. Gruner building services Basel/Bern was able to hand over a functioning, model-based operational optimization process to PSP Management Ltd.




The full list of finalists from over 130 submissions can be found here.

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