Katzenberg Tunnel

The Katzenberg Tunnel between Efringen-Kirchen and Bad Bellingen is almost 10 km long and is a twin-tube rail tunnel operated by DB Netz AG. It is part of the Karlsruhe-Basel expansion and new construction line (northern access route to the NEAT) and was put into operation at the timetable change in December 2012. The two single-track tubes are equipped with a fixed track for maintenance and rescue vehicles and can be used by trains traveling at speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour. The Katzenberg Tunnel will serve to increase capacity and speed on the Rhine Valley Railway and to relieve the communities along the old line of freight and high-speed traffic.

Services Gruner AG

Preparation and coordination of the safety and rescue concept for the interior work phase with the responsible supervisory authorities, fire departments, finishing trades and the specialist departments of DB Netz AG, support of the entire interior work in safety-relevant issues, related consulting and expert services.

Preparation and coordination of the rescue concept for the operational phase, support of rescue exercises in 2012 (commissioning exercise), 2015 and 2018, i.e. organization, execution and evaluation of the individual rescue exercises with the involvement of all authorities and organizations with safety tasks involved. Development of different exercise scenarios, overall coordination of the exercises including exercise logistics for up to 1,000 participants as well as follow-up and preparation of evaluation reports.

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