Alters- und Pflegeheim Brunnmatt, Liestal

The existing old people's home was modernised and extended with an additional 39 rooms and a modern restaurant.

The hillside location of the new building posed the greatest challenge to the engineers. On the one hand an optimized slope protection had to be planned for the construction as well as for the final state, on the other hand the stability of the building against horizontal effects from earthquakes in combination with the pressing slope had to be calculated in an elaborate way in order to reduce the inner stiffening concrete walls to a minimum and thus to guarantee the client a proven added value as well as the highest possible flexibility for later conversions.

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Building Contractor
  • Stiftungsrat APH Brunnmatt
  • Stiftung APH Brunnmatt
  • Rosenmund + Rieder Architekten
  • Structural engineering


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