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Construction management

Industrielle Werke Basel (IWB) is planning a massive expansion of the Basel district heating network over the next 15 years. This expansion will enable CO2 emissions in the canton to be reduced by an estimated 70,000 tons per year from 2035. Gruner has been supporting IWB in this construction project since 2021 with engineering services, in the design and tendering of civil engineering works and site supervision. The work is expected to continue until the end of 2024. The many stages with different time horizons, as well as the frequent interruptions to construction due to cantonal archaeology, place particularly high demands on the coordination work of the construction management. Furthermore, district heating pipes have a weight of over 60 kg/m, which makes their installation a difficult task. The trench profile used is not only exceptionally deep, but also conspicuously wide, as the construction workers need a lot of space to install the pipes.

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  • IWB – Industrielle Werke Basel
  • IWB – Industrielle Werke Basel
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