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At ETH Zurich, scientists are researching the innovative processes of tomorrow. It is therefore only natural that modern simulation methods are also used to solve a special task in the renovation of the listed ML machine laboratory hall in the heart of Zurich. The steel structure of the hall was built in 1933 and is one of the first completely welded steel constructions in Switzerland.

Since the use of the hall in the course of the currently ongoing reconstruction also has to take fire protection into account, but at the same time the structure is to be preserved in its original state for reasons of monument protection, a hot design with natural fire methods was applied to prove the fire resistance of the steel hall. Prof. Dr. Mario Fontana, who until recently held the professorship for steel, wood and composite construction at the Institute for Structural Analysis and Design of the ETH Zurich and is one of the most internationally renowned scientists for hot design from Switzerland, was involved in this ambitious project.

With the help of simulation methods, proof of the load-bearing capacity in the event of fire was provided, so that the machine hall can continue to be used in its original state with a visible steel support structure in the future.

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