Court Expertise, Inspection Mandate, Second Opinion

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We were already in charge of numerous expertise reports for courts, insurance companies, the public sector (SBB, DB, FEDRO...) and private clients. Our experts are specialized in the fields of geotechnics, foundation engineering, civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, structures, construction management, numerical analysis (FEM), logistics, construction methods, geology and change order management. Two of our specialists are certified as SIA experts. The area of expertise extend over following topics:

>     Cases of damage due to planning and/or execution deficiencies

>     Structural design, planning, concepts

>     Change order management

The following were assessed, for example:

>     Collapse of retaining walls and excavation pit

>     Landslides, slope failures and creeping slopes

>     Damages (cracks, subsidence) to neighbouring buildings due to construction work

>     defective constructions (concrete structures, diaphragm walls, piles, anchors, nails, underwater concrete, corrosion, ...)

>     computational design and planning of tunnels, cut-and-cover tunnels, railway stations, excavation pits, foundations, slope stabilisations

>     Contracts, tendering, change order, construction processes and procedures

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