Lidl Deutschland, Hauptverwaltung, Bad Wimpfen

Fire protection

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The spa town of Bad Wimpfen in the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg is set to  become the home of Lidl Deutschland’s new headquarters, housing 1,500 workplaces. The scheme targets a sustainable symbiosis of building and landscape. The sizeable development is  designed as a terraced ensemble of five separate blocks which – through planted roof areas, intermediate spaces and internal courtyards – are permeated by the greenery of the setting.  The new facility reads as a group of stacked, landscaped plateaus that rise up from the site,  merge into a coherent structure and respond to the immediate surroundings through subtle  differences in height. The preliminary excavations for the up to 18 m deep pit on the approx.  3.8 ha lot will require the movement of some 450,000 cubic meters of soil. Gruner has  developed an integral fire safety concept for the complex. The key challenge consisted in  drawing up an overarching fire safety concept covering the diverse requirements of the special building regulations for parking lots, for sales outlets, for places of assembly and even for industrial buildings. The location of numerous facilities on the basement levels also imposed particular demands. At the same time, we had to find ways of compensating for the many  deviations from the aforementioned statutory requirements or, alternatively, supply engineering verifications of compliance with the building code protection targets and cost-effectiveness  criteria.

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