Raba-Lai Bridge, Pärnu

Raba Lai Bridge is located in the city of Pärnu (Estonia) and connects the city center with Rääma district. The bridge is a road bridge over the Pärnu River. The new bridge is designed with a three-lane carriageway for MIV (motorized individual traffic). Two strips of at least 4.0 m width are planned for crossing on foot and by bicycle. The total width of the roadway is 23.4 m.

The total length of the bridge is 356 m. The lengths of the three inclined arches are 125 m, 135 m and 75 m.

The bridge consists of three side-by-side bar arch bridges and a composite reinforcing steel deck. Two sealed welded longitudinal box girders, symmetrical to the centerline of the horizontal alignment of the bridge, double T-girders (spacing 2.5 m) with a variable height and a concrete deck of 30 cm form the deck. The arches are made of welded box girders. The carriageway slab is suspended from the arches every 2.5 m with 40 mm cables.

The carriageway slab is moved longitudinally on temporary piers. The arches are mounted by means of temporary steel towers.

Realization: 2021-2023

Commissioning: 2023

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Building Contractor
  • Stadt Pärnu (Estland)
  • Trilogy Architects Studio, lokaler Partner: Ingenieurbüro Stricto Project OÜ
  • Bridge engineering
  • Structural engineering


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