Music hall of the Stadtcasino


The music hall of the Stadtcasino Basel is one of the oldest and most important music halls in Europe. Located in the heart of the city, on Barfüsserplatz, the Stadtcasino is the central venue for outstanding musical events as well as a wide variety of other events.

In order to make this house of music-cultural life attractive for future generations, the architects Herzog & de Meuron, on behalf of the Casino-Gesellschaft as the client, are planning the project "Extension of Stadtcasino Basel". On the one hand, an extension is to provide for spacious foyers, artists' areas and service rooms; on the other hand, however, a structural renovation is also necessary to adapt the building to today's requirements.

The fire protection department of Gruner AG was already allowed to work on the area of fire protection in the preliminary project and has now also received the order for fire protection technical support for the further project phases.

Gruner also planned measures to protect the music hall from structure-borne noise emissions from passing streetcars. First of all, it had to be clarified which sections of the streetcar tracks had the greatest influence on vibrations and structure-borne noise. For this purpose, a vibratory roller was driven over the Steinenberg and the vibrations were measured in relation to the position of the roller. Thus the area of greatest influence could be identified. Subsequently, the spatial extension of an elastically mounted track support plate was determined. Using the finite element method, the dynamic behaviour of this slab could then be investigated and optimised.

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  • Fire and smoke gas simulation
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