Stuttgart 21

As part of the Stuttgart 21 project, the Stuttgart rail hub is to be reorganized and integrated into the new high-speed line between Stuttgart and Ulm. An essential part of the project is the conversion of Stuttgart's main station into an underground through station. Among other things, the feeder lines will be relocated to tunnels under the city over a total distance of 33 km, a new airport station will be built and the S-Bahn will be given a new route to connect the new Rosenstein district.

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Gruner AG has developed various concepts for safety and rescue during the construction and operating phases as well as for smoke extraction from the tunnels. Gruner AG advises the project company of Deutsche Bahn AG on all safety-related issues and participates in this function in various internal and external working groups.

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  • DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH
  • Infrastructure safety
  • Tunnel ventilation


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