Birdhouse Zolli, Basel

Conversion and extension

The overall project consists of the remodeling measures as well as the seismic retrofitting of the existing aviary from the 1920s, an extension by a new building on the west side of the remodeling and redesign of the pelican enclosure as well as a new dwarf otter enclosure. Furthermore, new aviaries on the south side and an accessible outdoor aviary on the east side of the building are planned.

The renovation and expansion is intended to maintain and enhance the unique atmosphere within the building, which encourages visitors to linger and watch the birds. Experiencing and observing the animals will be the main focus. The free flight hall as well as the walk-in aviary promote this visitor experience.


> Structural design for conversion work
> Structural design for partial deconstruction
> Review of earthquake safety incl. retrofitting
> Structural design of new buildings
> Structural design of excavation support
> Crack logs

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