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Bahnbrücke Zb Zentralbahn Linie 469

Brienz-Interlaken Ost

As part of the cluster project "2018 Line 469 Brienz-Interlaken East", 10 bridges were repaired within 2 months for Zentralbahn AG.

Bridge types: Natural stone viaduct and bridge slab.

The two viaducts have a total length of 50 meters and 150 meters. The bridge slabs have a span of between 6 and 12 meters.

Demolition of the existing ballast trough while preserving the original abutments and arches made of natural stone masonry from 1912-1914.

New construction of concrete ballast troughs including waterproofing (PBD, UHFB), ballast mat and ballast. Bridge superstructure in element construction (prefabricated elements, monolithic bond with in-situ concrete strips or longitudinal prestressing).

Complete replacement of the drainage system and rehabilitation of the natural stone masonry.

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