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Bridge competition


The bridge over the Rhine will be designed as a multi-span girder with V-shaped supports. The superstructure is designed as a composite structure with a steel box girder and concrete deck. The horizontal alignment is designed with a constant radius of approx. 400 m and has a length of 440 m. The bridge is divided into 6 spans with different spans. The bridge length is divided into 6 spans with different span widths. The largest span is over the Rhine and is 160 m long. At the point where the bridge spans the Rhine, the bridge is approximately 30 m above the river. The total width of the concrete deck is about 11m.

Project assessment by the jury: The structural concept is appropriate for the chosen elevation. The light steel construction allows a relatively easy assembly on site and a shortened construction time. The bridge, which extends over five spans, has a unified design effect. Thanks to the strong horizontal extension of the bridge structure, the bridge appears well-proportioned in its entirety.

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