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Centrale de Traitement du Linge (CTL)

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The existing steam generation and the steam and condensate network of the industrial laundry center were renewed for efficiency and safety reasons. With the renovation measures taken, approx. 2,000 MWh of gas (approx. 450 tCO2/year) and 150 MWh of electricity can be saved per year. A boiler room was added to the basement of the laundry center to accommodate the new steam generation plant with two 1.5 MW steam boilers and dual-fuel burners (fuel oil/natural gas) as well as the associated peripherals such as feedwater tanks, pumps and distributors. A new connection to the public gas network was established to supply the boilers with fuel. The heating oil is supplied via a 130 m long pipeline tunnel that connects the new boiler plant with the existing infrastructure (more than 2 million liters of storage tank).

The conversion measures were carried out in parallel with the ongoing operation of the laundry center without interrupting the processes and under hygienically demanding conditions.

Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève

2015 - 2017

Energy systems


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