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District heating storage Dolderweg, Basel

Thermische Simulation

For the conversion of the building as a district heating storage facility for IWB, the official requirement is that heating of the groundwater must be prevented during operation of the facility. CFD simulations were used to compare heat losses from the tanks and the heat flow into the ground for different scenarios (e.g. with and without ventilation, with and without insulation of the tank base, different seasons).


Our services

  • Creation of a 3D CFD model of the building with floor, ceiling and walls, including the tanks with insulation and tank foot, the intended ventilation and a certain floor depth down to the groundwater.
  • CFD simulation of air flows and temperature distribution in the building.
  • Simulation of 3D heat conduction within the solids (tank wall, tank foot, insulation, side walls, ceiling, floor), thermal calculation of floor heating.


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